Your Hosts: Wallo, Jenny, Warren, Lucy & Chris Currie

Historically, Kasouga has been a family farm since 1890, Conservation of our Natural Heritage has been a priority with special emphasis being placed on preservation of our indigenous small antelope:            

  • Oribi
  • Bushbuck
  • Blue & Grey Duiker
  • Bontebok (Introduced in 1991)

Farming Timeline History

  • 1989 Kasouga Farm was declared a Natural Heritage Site. In 1981 there were 14 oribi. Today we have 140 and relocated 166 oribi since 1991.
  • 1991 Introduced 7 bontebok from Thomas Baines Reserve. 
  • 2001,  We were one of the 1st to DNA in the Eastern Cape.
  • 2000:  Mangold Conservation Trophy - The best conserved & utilized farm using both cattle and game.
  • 2011East Cape Tourism Board:   Best Conservation on Natural Heritage
  • 2011: Re - Introduced Kasouga Bushbuck to the Muirhead Reserve (between the 2 rivers)  in Kenton on Sea, with Kenton Rotary Club.

Kasouga Farm has 1500 ha’s of Coastal Grasslands & thickets with 5kms of beach Front (of which 800 ha’s is Oribi habitat) – managing 140 oribi per year = 5.71 ha’s per oribi. Holistic farming principals have been applied involving sustainable utilization with cattle and game. We form part of a very successful Conservancy - Kowie to Kariega, where predator management and control of poaching is the key to success.



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